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Verify Product Code

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Verify Product Code

Welcome to use Tianneng product anti-counterfeiting query platform

We provide product anti-counterfeiting query function, input product anti-counterfeiting code can be queried. The query results can see the "official product" and factory date information.

If the product cannot be queried, the result will show "None" and the factory date is "Blank."

Conventional Identification Method

  • Look at the Logo
    The word "TIANNENG " ,the new logo   and the old logo
  • Look at the Site
    Tianneng Battery Group Co. LTD
  • Look at the Packing
    The theme pattern is clear in outline
  • Look at the Label
    Check product packaging appearance, brand trademark, product basic parameter information, production origin, website information
  • Look at the code
    Check a string of anti-counterfeiting codes on the battery, or the two-dimensional code information on the battery, you can check and verify on the official website

Relevant Advice

  • Customers are advised to go to Tianneng designated stores and authorized agents to buy.
  • Customers are advised to keep legal evidence such as purchase invoices or receipts.
  • It is suggested that customers should inquire according to the barcode authenticity inquiry channel once they find any doubt. After the company confirmed infringement, the company will assist consumers to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests.